Sell sodium sulphite anhydrous

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Formula: Na2SO3
Properties: Sodium Sulfite is a reducing agent soluble in water. Its solution in water is basic. It is feeble soluble in liquid chlorine or ammonia.

Usage: It is used as a desoxydating or bleaching agent for printing and dyeing industry, as a developer for photographic industry . as a lignin-removing agent for paper industry, as a stabilizer for syntheticfiber for textile industry, as a reducing agent for chemical industry, or for electroplating industry etc.

Ttems Norms (industrial grade)
Superior-grade First-
grade Qualified
Na2SO3 -content % >= 98.0 96.0 93.0
Fe-content % <= 0.003 0.005 0.02
Water-insoluble matter content % <= 0.02 0.03 0.05
Free alkali ( as Na) content % <= 0.10 0.40 0.80
Na2SO4-content % <= 2.5  
NaCL-content % <= 0.10  
Package Storage and transportation:
(1) Plastic film-lined PP woven bag, Net weight per bag: 25Kg or 50Kg.
(2) Not allowed in a room with any oxidant or strong acid, and keep away from an oxidation by air or humidity.
(3) Keep away from sunlight and humidity during its transportation.
(4) Storage life: no more than half year from ex-factory date.