Sell sodium sulphite anhydrous

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Chemical function:
White crystal or powder; brilliant; triangle prism; Solution alkalescence, PH:9-9.5. When 33.40, max solubility is 28%. Will easy be oxidated to sodium sulfate exposed in air; will be decompounded to sulfuration and sodium sulfate in high temperature; When meet strong acid, it will be decompounded to related salt meanwhile emiting sulfur dioxide that is strong reducer; When meet SO2 create to sulfurous acid sodium. Consistency is 2.633 (15.40) , refraction rate is 1.565, molecular weight is 126.04.
In printing and dyeing industry, it is using as to oxidizer and bleacher for steaming cotton fabric to prevent fabric cotton fibre local oxidation to strong fibre intention. In sensitization industry as developer, in organic industry as reducer of benzene diamine, amidoacid. In spin industry as synthetic fiber, stabilization. And also for paper making, electronic, water disposal industry.