Sell sodium vinyl sulphonate(CAS. :3039-83-6)

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Chemical name : sodium vinyl sulfanate
CAS# : 3039-83-6
Content : 25-26%
Appearance :clear yellowish liquid
Solid content : 35%(max)
Color(APHA) : 200(max)
PH: 8-12
NaCl content : 3-4%
Filterable substance : 0.1%(max)
Inhibitor(CH3OC5H4OH) : 500PPM(max)
1. It is used as ion exchange resin auxillary, which can indeed improve the changing ability.
2. It is used as additive for cements, .
The copolymer of VS can not only use as retardant agent of cement solidifying agent, but also use as inhibitor of water-reducing agent to improve the strength and the convenience to operate. In addition, it is directly used as additive for concrete.
3. The copolymer of VS can used as filter builder for kaoline and negative ion coagulatant for
filter residue dewatering.
4. The copolymer of VS can be used as leather tanning agent, which can make leather more
soft and bright , and can also used as adhesive for leather finishing.