Sell softener flake

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Appearance: light yellow powder slice
Components: Organic silicon polymer
Active composition: 100%
Ion : Cation
Dissolving : can be dissolvable in Cold water (200-300)
Acidity : 10% solution is about PH 5.0-6.0


1. Almightiness FLAKE SOFTENER S200 extensively used in the natural fibre , the artificial fibre, and the blendings fibre.
2. Giving the weave fine pliancy and softness, feel smoothly
3. Having excellent antistatic function
4. With highly persistence, even been laundered many times, does not reduce its function yet
5. Not easily turned to yellow after dealing with.

Dissolving method:

Put the Almightiness FLAKE SOFTENER S200 into cold water at the ratio 1:10 , and mixing for moments, about four hours later, continue mixing when s200 completely dissolved, its ok.

Application :

Following datas with 10% dissolving s200 calculate, for reference, increase and decrease according to the request of fabric feeling.
Poly acrylonitrile fibre (acrylic sfibre ) -------dyeing 1---2%
Polyamide (polyamide fibre ) -------latest out off water 3---4%
Polyester fibre ------------------------ latest out off water 2---3%
Wool ----------------------------------- latest out off water 1---2%
Polyethylene yarn -------------------- dyeing 2---3%
Polypropylene yarn -------------------dyeing 1.5--2.5%
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