Sell software for on-line sales of Indian pattern or traditional passive lotteries.

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We all know that the on-line lotteries are very popular in every country on the Earth, but the fact is that it is unsuccessful in India & some other countries, only traditional passive lottery of number games are popular there.
In India there are rapid draw games. There are 20 to 24 daily lotteries in every 10 to 15 minutes, so there are nearly 1000 to 1500 daily lotteries everyday. In maximum lotteries there is 91%prize return. You can manage the prize return from 91% to some lesser or more percentage & also manage the number of draws by reducing or increasing it, I have mention this because the software can manage many lotteries of different Governments & different prizes.
The on-line pattern lotteries which are very popular in the world are super flop in India. If you introduce new games of passive lottery & sell it on-line i am confident that it will definitely increase the sales as well as the income.
For that I have developed the best software & I want to market it in other lottery selling countries.
It is the web based Indian pattern passive lottery trading system. There is no need to design or purchase a particular & costly POS system, so we can save huge amount of investments for the POS. In this system passive lottery can be sold on-line through the PC of a specific configuration, thermal printer & a bar code reader with any type of connectivity but only from the authorised terminals of appointed retailers, not from any where, so you can maintain the restrictions as well as the security.
Please think about the idea seriously.