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The solar mid-high utilization temperature system is developed by Huayuan new energy Project Company who are direct by the institute of electrical engineering Chinese Academy of sciences and Tsinghua University. The equipment has simple structure, installs conveniently, and the whole service life is about 20 years. The company uses this technology to produce the solar hot water heater which is suitable for most area of China and may produce 100 centigrade hot water throughout a year. (If we use Fresnent line focusing system technology, temperature also could to be higher, like200, 300 centigrade using for industrial)
Solar energy conditioning is an equipment that provides heating medium water for generator of the absorption type air conditioner, using the solar heat collector . The hotter of the heating medium water, the higher of the COP (coefficient of the performance) of the equipment is. So the efficiency of the air-conditioning system is also higher. For example, if the temperature of heating medium water is about 60centigrade, then the COP of the system is approximately 0~40centigrade; if the temperature of heating medium water is about 90centigrade, then the COP of the system could approximately about 0~70centigrade; and if the temperature of heating medium water is about 120centigrade, then the COP of the system may reach above 110centigrade.
Huayuan new energy project Company. And Dr. Martin, expert of German solar energy air condition, indicated through the research and practice that, it is a more ideal plan in the field of using solar energy air-conditioning system, with the Fresnel line focusing lens system and lithium bromide absorption type air conditioner unified, and it opened a new application domain for the solar energy utilization technology. Huayuan new energy Project Company and Huayuan new energy application technology institute are seeking the solar energy air conditioning project demonstration base all over the world, the conditions are favorable, Friends who are interest in this are welcome to visit us and phone us.