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The series of solar energy charger absorbs solar energy from solar panel and then turns it into electric power, which will be stored in battery. It can charge different models by corresponding connectors. Its suitable to be used in an emergency situation when there is no electricity outdoors. If no sunshine for a long time, you can also use local electricity to charge the solar energy charger. This product is easy to operate and safe to use. It is an ideal product for living and traveling.

Main parameters:

1. Solar panel: the beautiful solar cell is made of high intensity plastic with 6 v/0.7.2w. It can durable high temperature up to 1600
2. Li-battery: we choose Li-battery other than NI-CD/NI-MH in the energy charger box, because it has a function to protect the circuit. And the output and the input electricity of the LI-battery is very stability.
3. Output electric voltage: 5.8 V/LED
4. Output electric current: 200mA
5. Consummate function:
You could use it in either sunny or rainy days because there is a battery inside. It can charge mobile phone, CD player, MP3, radiogram, recorder, etc. And it can also be charged by local electricity with regulator. It realizes using in sunny days, rainy days, outdoors and indoors.

Operation methods:

1. Tear the protection film of the solar panel and wipe it clean, then put the plug of the solar panel into the DC IN of the energy charger box. Put the bag under the sun directly, you can see the red indication light will brighten up. In order to make full use of the sunshine, it is better to put it in sunbeams vertically.
2. Connect the cell-phone to the matched plug, then put it into the OUT of the energy charger box, turn the switch on the right of the box to 5.8v/LED, at that time you can see the cell-phone will indicate being charged. The LED indication light will turn dark gradually.
3.The on and off switch is a function choose switch. You can choose the different output voltage (5.8v/LED) . When you used the right output voltage connect your cell-phone, it can indicate being charged, if not please turn to the larger output voltage switch from below to up. IF the cell-phone light turns off, it means the power of the battery is not enough you need to charge the battery according to the first step.
4.If we need to be recharged and can also use the USB cable connected to the computer should be carried out above and rechargeable 2 -4 hours can be full of battery

Main accessories:
1, Solar energy charger: 1 pc
2, Connecting plug: 7 pc
3, Connecting wire: 2 pc

1, Prevent from water and fierce impact
2, Keep the surface of the panel clean, and avoid scratches
3, If it wont be used for a long time or for the first time, its better to be shined over 8 hours in abundant sunshine.
4, Some models of mobile phones need to equip special plug to use this charger.
The solar energy packsack charger, may at any time carry out battery charging on your digital product
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