Sell solar battery siren with strobe light

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a) . Solar energy supply: 9DCV,600mA. (standby for 15 days) , optional to choose
higher performance solar: 9DCV, 1200mA (standby for 30 days. )
b) . Solar recharging full time: under sunshine, about two hours; Higher
performance solar (9DCV,1200mA) about four hours
c) . Wireless frequency: two option: 433MHz or 315MHz
d) . Wireless receiving distance in open place: >200m, indoor: 30~50m, (depend
on the surrounding environment and wireless interference)
e) . Siren index: 95 dB (Test distance: 300mm, Surrounding noise:<=65db, standard voltage)
f) . Sound frequency: 3.8KH2+10%
g) . Resistance:230-280Ma.
h) . Operating environment: -20~550 Related humidity: <=90%
i) . Two wireless remote controllers: four button: disarm/arm/panic/PIR detector
j) . One wireless magnetic door sensor: 12 DCV, NO.23.
k) . One wireless infrared detector: 10m*1200 horizontal+600vertical