Sell solar car air purifier

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*Ozone Output:0.03PPM
*Suggested Use Space: 3 stere
*No Running Cost
*Purifying Air In Your Car
*Solar panel can be adjusted according to your needs to gain more sunlight
*Working by power of the auto in case of no sunglith available

Working Principle:
This solar car air purifier can ionize the Oxygen into Ozone(a strong oxidizer) which can
decompose the organic substance and the chemical material in the air. Moreover it won't remain any waste and make second-time pollution.

1. Select a suitable place to ensure that the air purifier can receive enough sunlight.
2. Pull off the film of the dual-adhesive and put it on the bottom of the air purifier.
3. Pull off the film on the other side of adhesive and stick purifer on the selected place.