Sell solar cellular phone charger

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This mulit-functional charger is powered by solar panel to generate and store electricity into the li-ion battery pack inside. It can charge different cellular phones, MP3, MP4, CD players and digital cameras. Also it can be used for lighting and for testing money.

*Mono-crystalline cells:5.5V/100mA
*Rechargeable li-ion battery:3.7V/1100mAh
*Output Voltage:5.8V/7.8V/9.8V
*Mobile Phone Charging Current:350-400 mA
*Mobile Phone Charging Time:2.5-3.0 hours
*Li-ion Battery Charging Time:10-12 hours
*Torch Lighting Time:70 hours

Package Included:
A. Charger
B. Five pcs mobile phone connectors
C. One piece Charging Cable

Compatible cellular phone models:
1. Motorola V998, V60, V101, A760, P8617, SP8097, V70, A768, P8767, V66, V3, etc
2. Ericson T28, R320, R250, R380, R190, T29, A2618S, K750, etc
3. Nokia 6110, etc
4. Samsung A288, M288, N288, 7100, SA200, A300, T300, R200, D500, etc
5. Siemens C55, C25, A55, SL55, M55, C60, M65, S5, S57, etc