Sell solar charger FP-608

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Product Introduction
1, The sun light will be directly transfer into energy under the sun light, no need DC power. It can be charge mobile, digital Mp3 players, cameras and other small electrical equipment anytime. Applies to travel, travel long distance, shipping, field operations and the bad environment. The advantage is: security, compatibility, high-capacity, small size, long life service.
2, Built-in lithium batteries, high efficiency solar cells, can usually charge for emergency use. A wide range of phone models plugs charge applicable to different phone models and other electrical appliances. It will eliminate yr trouble completely when power shortage, no electricity, and shortage battery for outdoor activities occasionally.
3, FP-608/609 is single output voltage is 5V. FP-608V/FP-609V are a wide range of output voltage options, 5V; 5.5V; 7.5V; 9V, output current of 500mA, FP-608(V) is used currency internation USB interface. It can meet different demands of charging to different electronic products, could also serve as a backup power supply and emergency power supply. Pls put the products under sun light for 3-5hours so that the inside lithium battery can storage when the inside electricity is off. Also can use the product while charing. Also available external power supply charge. The emergency electricity charge. It's a flash suggested when charging. It can be charge the mobile after the products under sun light 30mins when there is no electricity.
4, For a variety of color choices: metal silver, pearl white, red, blue. With convenient, attractive packaging.
5, A strong light white LED flashlight, fully applicable to the field or travel.
6, With anti-shake, anti-slide function on the back of the product. Can be directly placed on the vehicle stage, also in the process of moving can be charged and discharged.

7, FP-608 Can according to customer open Purple light function which check Money(all kinds of money, Not only RMB) . Will not supply this if customer donnot ask.
8, Large area solar panels, High efficient absorp the sun energy.
9, Over-voltage, overload or short circuit protection, dual protection, safe and reliable.
10, Built-in 2200mAH lithium ion polymer batteries, recharge and release more than 1,000.

Basic parameters
1,1.25W(FP-608) -1.4W(PF-609) solar cells, 5V/250-280mA input parameters.
2, the built-in battery capacity : 2200MAH.
3, External input voltage : 5.5V/500mA.
4, The output voltages can be option, from point : 5V; 5.5V; 7.5V;9.5V/500mA.
5, It will need 90mis while full charger common mobile phone.
6, It will need 3hours use city electricity charge full, can use AC110V - 240V.
7, It will take sun light 5-8hours to be charge full the solar charger.
And the solar charger can charge full two mobile phone when its full power.
8, Dimensions of FP-608(V) :122 x 72 x 15MM. FP-609(V) :115*60*16MM
9, Net weight : FP-608 112G, FP-609 125G

Use Method:
1. The automatic identification & rechargeable devices, when It charge for cell phones and other electronic products, the red light is flashing, after full charging , light eliminate.
2, when using adapters or the sun lihgt charge, the orange light is flashing, after full charging, the green light is power on.
3, The USB interface to meet the diversification of products, havenot interface limitations

Packaging specifications :
1, carton size: 51*35*30CM, 36PCS/ctn
2, gift box packing
3, configuration : one adapter, three mobile phones connectors, one switch cable.
4, Donot exposure the light directly face the eyes to avoid eye injury.
Performance :
Input DC : 5V/600Ma(adapter)
Solar Power : 1.251.4W
Output : 5.5V/500mA(solar charger)
Solar charger Note:
1. Select the appropriate voltage to charge electronic products, and use 5.5V to charge the mobile phone.
2, Dont use fire instead of the light source to charge the solar charger.
3, Non-professionals should not dismantle of the Solar charger.