Sell solar charger

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Solar panels: 5.5 V, 80mA
Solar energy conversion efficiency:> 15%
To the built-in solar battery charging time: About 10 to 15 hours
Battery: Built-in lithium-polymer battery: 1350 mAh
Output voltage / current: 5.0 - 6.0V/350 - 800mA
Weight: 95 g
Dimensions: 95 (L) * 43 (W) * 12 (H) mm
Scope: The phone / digital camera / MP3/MP4, etc.

Second, product features

1, the sun without AC power, solar energy directly into DC can. Can be anywhere on mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3-MP5, and other small electrical charge. Is the favorite trips, often travel, outdoor sports, business workers in essential partner.
2, highly efficient solar cells, energy storage built-in lithium battery, can charge Xianshi good use of electric urgency. With various models of mobile phone charger plug, applicable to all types of mobile phones and other electrical appliances. The complete elimination of power shortage, power outage, outdoor activities occasionally run out of battery time trouble.
3, charging fast, without electricity when sunlight three minutes after charging the phone, etc. , in the sunlight and solar charge at the same time, the phone charge.
4, a charge display, choose "charge", "free", "LED" three-functional.
5, with high-brightness LED LED flashlight, lighting for night use.
6, handsome in appearance luxurious, ultra-thin design, fashionable and have a variety of color choices. Xiaoqiaolinglong, easy to carry, and exquisite packaging. Application of clean green energy pioneers, elegant fashion, gifts to share.
7, and accessories: universal cell phone battery charger, multi-standard conversion plugs.
The company can undertake the bulk OEM products business.