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1. With the ratio of solar transmission of Borosilicate glass 3.3 r>=0.89 and thermal expansion below 3.3W10-6/k, the collector tubes can make full of the solar radioactive energy and own excellent heat-resisting performance as well as high mechanical intensity.
2. The surface of the tubes is completely rinsed by the water removed ion, which make the selective coating adhered to the tubes firmly and guaranteed the efficiency and service life of the collector tubes.
3. The patented technologies in circular sealing and annealing system enable a solid linkage between the inner and outer tube and fully eliminate the internal stress, solving the difficult problems of liable damage in the sealing parts.
4. Advanced skills in plating the selective coating and efficient system in evacuating vacuum provide the absorption of selective coating (Alpha)>=94.5% and the emission ε <=5.5%, which greatly improved the performance of the collector tubes.
5. The automatic controlling system by the computer telecommunication timely adjust the technical data and requirements in production, truly realizing the numerical control and management with the assurance of remarkable quality for every collector tube.
6. The vacuum evacuated collector tubes can be applied not only in the water heater under various weather conditions, but also in the hi-tech areas such as refrigeration and generating electricity.