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Solar collector-- Heat pipe collector
1. Higher heat efficiency: heat transferring style of the heat pipe, excellent selective adsorb coating and perfect combination with high vacuum heat preservation.
2. Wide applicable range:there is no water in the vacuum tube, so the tube will not break in the winter. It even can work normally -30 below degree.
3. It is steady and credible. Each individual tube can work independently, and the whole machine can still work if individual tube is damage. The service life of the heat pipe can be longer than 15 years.
4. The unique connection between the heat pipe and the vacuum tube can ensure both sealing and replace of damaged glass vacuum tube.
The heat pipe is hollow with the space inside evacuated, much the same as the solar tube. In this case insulation is not the goal, but rather to alter the state of the liquid inside. Inside the heat pipe is a small quantity of purified water and some special additives. Heat pipes sound very simple. A hollow copper pipe with a little bit of water inside, and the air sucked out! But in order to achieve this result more than 20 manufacturing procedures are required and with strict quality control.
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