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SUUNNY solar charge controller is controlled by CPU, According to the voltage ofbattery, controller will adjust the charge current and decide if to supply the loads electricity. The following is the detailed performance:
Generally keep the battery on full voltage condition.
Prevent the battery from over-charging.
Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
Prevent supplying electricity from the battery to solar panels during nights.
Reverse Polarity Protection for Battery
Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar panels
Normal Model Waterproof Model
CMP12-1A CLP05-1A
CMP12-3A CLP05-3A
CMP12-5A CLP05-5A
CMP12-10A CLP12-8A
CMP12-12A CLP12-10A
CMP24-16A CLP12-12A
CMP24-20A CLP24-16A
CMP24-24A CLP24-20A
CMP45-30A CLP24-24A
CMP45-45A CLP45-30A