Sell solar energy  torch flashlight

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Product Name: Solar Energy Electric flashlight
Encasement Size: 11.7X2.4X2.4(CM)
Weight: 85.5 g (including battery)
Encasement Number: 200 (But)
Product Content:
Solar energy aluminum alloy torch of . The solar energy battery is monocrystalline silicon. And accumulator is NI-CD hydrogen battery. Bulb: five super-brightness LED. Brightness: 8.5 lumen. Effective range: 50 meters. Visible light: 1 km. Shell: Aluminum alloy plating. Dimension: 11.7X2.4(CM) Weight: 85.5 g (including battery) . (Imitation of the patent product will be sought) . Exposed in sunlight for six hours, its electricity will last for 5 hours. flash light