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(DC30 series) -- Voltage: DC4.5v-24v Head: 40cm-300cm Flow:100L/H-240L/H Current:85mA-250mA
(DC40 series) - -Voltage: DC6v-24v Head: 150cm-650cm Flow:240L/H-800L/H Current:300mA-900mA
(DC50 series) - -Voltage: DC12v-24v Head: 155cm-1000cm Flow:1030L/H-3600L/H Current:900mA-3600mA
1. advantage
(1) Long life more than 50000h
(2) Low or maintenance-free
(3) Submersible installation
(4) low consumption
(5) low noise<38db
(4) Can be customized according to user requirements

2: Dimension: (DC30) -34mmx36mmx39mm (DC40) -86mmx63mmx48mm (DC50) -100mmx84mmx64mm

3. remarks::
Maximum liquid temperature: 140F-212F; (according to user requirement)
Power cord: according to user requirement.
4, Application: Our Solar Water Pump widely used in agriculture irrigation, water livestock, Aquaculture, Home and village water supply, Water purification and treatment systems, Park&Garden fountain, etc. Solar water pumps, in recent years has been increasingly recognized the most attractive means of water supply in the sun-rich areas of todays world, using the solar energy which is taken from everywhere and inexhaustible to achieve water supply of high economic and high reliability. Pumps work sunrise and stop sunset automatically, there is no need of looking after and safeguard the workload can be reduced to the minimum, is an ideal green energy high-tech products with economic, reliability and environmental benefits
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