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solar glass, extra clear patterned glass 3.2mm

Features Specifications: Solar pattern glass Material:

Product Description
main technique for production of solar cell sealed glass is Rolling Process.
The patterned roller is specially made for solar glass, which specail pyramid pattern is pressed on the downward surface and the special matt pattern is pressed on the upware surface on the ultra white glass. The special patterns are designed to reduce the direction reflectance and to increase the internal reflection effect that the solar energy can be absorbed effectively. The maximum transmittance of solar lights and the efficiency of electricity generation are also raised. With the outstanding characteristics of the high solar light transmittance, the low reflectance, the low iron, the high mechanical strength and the high flatness, it is one of the indispensable important parts of solar cell.
Low iron solar glass are designed and produced strictly, with less iron content, excellent solar transmittance, superior physical strength and better flatness, perfectly suitable for your pv module and heat collectors.

Product Features:
visible light transmittance of the tempered glass: more than 91.6%
annual capacity:4.5million sq. m
Thickness:3.2mm-12mm (3.2mm&4mm)
Patterns: matt/patterned, matt/matt, low iron float glass
Solar transmittance: (3.2mm polished samples ISO9050/2003) >=91.7%
IRON CONTENT: <= 120ppmFe2O3
Poisson's ration: 0.2
density: 2.5g/cc
Young's Modulus: 73GPA
Tensile strength: 50MPA
Resistance curving strength: 80mpa
Expansion coefficient: 8.5x10-16/degree C
Softening point: 717 degree C
Annealing point: 550 degree C
Strain point: 500 degree C

Product Specification/Models
Pattern: mistlite, prismatic, matt/matt or semi sand etc.
Max. width: 2200mm.
Thickness: 2.5 - 6.0mm, standard thickess 3.2mm.

solar panels, solar energy collectors

We are approved by the ISO9000, SGCC, SPF, ANSI, 3C, CE, EN12150 certification in Europe. We have special offers for solar patterned glass 3.2mm and 4mm to you, with two production lines, the capacity are about 100T/line/day. and we have also received the SPF certification in Europe.

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