Sell solar heat collector

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* Solar heat collector is a kind of heat collecting device and can not be used separately
* It is a heat collecting system that can be assembled with different lighting areas according to special demands.
* The solar heat collector can be mainly divided into glass vacuum tube heat collector and super heat conducting collector
* Our super heat conducting collector is on the cutting edge of the industry and
is widely sold to Europe and Africa
* It can be assembled together as a water heater system controlled by microcomputer, which is suit timely opened factory, school, hotel and other collectivity bathroom

Key specifications:

* Material: galvanized steel alloy
* Solar vacuum tube
a) Size: 47 x 1,500mm / 58 x 1,800mm
b) Qty: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30pcs
c) Hail resistance: diameter 25mm
* Temperature conservation layer in chest
a) 50mm thickness imported polyurethane, machinery overall for keeping the same temperature and high pressure foam
b) Heat preservation: 72 hours
* Max pressure bearing: 0.6MPa
* ISO9001:2000 / CE/CCC certificate
* 3 years international responsibility for free repairing or exchange due to original quality problems