Sell solar home lighting system

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A. A home lighting system driving up to three 12v dc lamps
B. A charger for fixed wireless phones, cellphone and small electronics gadgets
C. A home power system driving 12v dc electrical fan, tv and radio
D. A camping power system driving small cooler and camping lantern
E. A handy field power system driving electric screw driver, electric drill, and soldering iron
A.10w multi-crystalline silicon (tempered glass encapsulated)
B.12v/7ah sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery (by unikor korea )
C. Input: Two separate charging outlets for sunlight or regular 110v/220v ac
D. Output: One dc 6v outlet & three dc 12v outlets
A.2pcs 12v/5w fluorescent lamps and lamp holders included
A. Power cable for cellphone charging included
B.5 cell phone adapter plugs included (nokia/motorola/samsung/siemens/ericsson)
C. Multi-purpose adapter plug for small digital electronics included
D.110v/220v ac universal charger (optional)
E.12v/5w dc electrical fan (optional)
A. Carton size:40cm * 30cm * 30cm (2 units per carton)
B. Carton volume:0.036m 3 ; carton volume weight:6kg
C. Carton gross weight:12.5kg ; carton net weight:10.5kg
D. Q'ty/20' fcl:1,554pcs; q'ty/40' fcl:3,166pcs
A. A universal solar power system for family, office, camping events, as well as field works
B. An alternative power solution for areas short of public utility
C. Compact, durable and highly efficient