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WS-AC AC Charge Inverter Series

The Bluelight Company develops this series of standby power products independently under the situation of the electricity shortage in some areas which leads to power failure or power rationing to cause much inconvenience to residents. They are used to transfer then store the batteries. When it is necessary they transfer to supply power to appliances such as floodlights , TVs , electric fans , computers , faxs , refrigerators , degreasing machines , air conditioners , electronic locks , cash register , brush card machines and so on. Customers could choose the suitable products according to the total output power of all appliances. The work time depends on the capacity of batteries. The users can equip relevant small, medium or big storage batteries to fulfill their requirements according to the duration of power cut and demand of electricity.

With A as last letter this series of products are power cut friends. This series consists of soft startup which can avoid the effect caused by large current and protect their workable life. With B as last letter this series of products are  King UPS. With UPS function they can switch freely and are fit for the use in computers because no matter there is electricity or not, computers can still work very well without any stop.

Functions : 1. Overloading protection

2. Overcharge protection

3. Temperature protection

4. Low voltage protection

5. Short circuit protection

6. Conversed connection protection