Sell solar lawn lamp MLL-S033

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product spec
1. holder material:stainless steel
2. lamp height:60cm
3. every lamp package demision:25cm*25cm*61cm
4. casepack:8pcs/carton
5. carton size:103cm*52cm*63cm
6. solar energy panels/light source power:0.7W/0.4W
7. battery:3.6V 1000mA
8. verify:CE, RoHS

The solar lawn lamp is a kind of lawn lamp which uses the solar energy as its power, because it is not affected by the daily power supply, no need to mine the earth and cover the wire with earth, not consume the conventional energy and so on, and we could fix the lamp anywhere as long as the area is sunny, therefore the solar lawn lamp is widely used by people. In addition, because the solar lawn lamp will not pollute the environment, it is also named as green environmental protection product. However, the solar lawn lamp not only used in the city park, town park, road, or the lawns illumination, but also can be used in the poor number of individuals, poor traffic and poor economy areas which lack of conventional fuel and hard to used conventional energy to generate electricity, meanwhile these areas the solar energy maybe sufficient, thus peoples daily illumination become a more and more serious problem, we suggest them use the solar lamp, not only save energy but also protect the environment.
Well, lets take a look at the solar lawn lamp. The solar lawn lamp are making up of by the solar battery component, the storage cell, the power control unit and the luminescence component. It include the following characteristic,
1. high light effect, absorb the heat from the sun every day for 8 hours, it can shine more than 8 hours in the night, so it is energy saving,
2. The solar lawn lamp also uses the charge and the discharge protective functions, , photosensitiveness auto control unit, the photoelectricity intelligence control unit which baseson the timer control component, thus the product can save the energy available, which can prolong the illumination time, cut down the cost.
3. The CPU is made up of the MCU and specil software, the intelligence control comes true, MCU control, preventing counter connect and counter charge protect, over charge protect, over discharge protect, over loading protect, light control+timer control, delay, the volatge and the current checking and measurement states direction, the temperature compensating. The master series connection charge circuit, the accurate discharge circuit, the timer control unit, industry chip, one key operation, which improve the LEDs life span and prelong the storage cells shining time.
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