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(1) Operating principle:
In clear daytime, the solar panel absorbs solar energy and changes it into electricity, and stores the electricity in the accumulator. At night, the accumulator provides the electricity to street light through light control system (lighting time control, voltage control, power control according to requirement) .
(2) Features:
Based on the solar energy, dispenses with power line and trenching, and can be installed in any place so long as enough sunshine and in open space. It is environmental friendly, and the charging and switching are operated by intelligent controller. The light illumines and quenches automatically, and the electricity charged in one day can be used for seven days. Its applicable in plaza, courtyard, park, lawn and street.
Material: all-steel lamppost
Solar panel: high-performance monocrystal silicon or multicrystal silicon 60Wp~240Wp
Battery: totally enclosed lead acid accumulator
Source of light: 24V26W~55W sodium lamp, or 30W~90W adjustable lamp, both can be used together
 Color: according to requirement
 Lighting time: 6~10 hours (controlled according to requirement)
 Height: 6m ~12m
 Period of quality guarantee: one year
 Life span:25 years