Sell solar panels

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Features of Solar panels

Solar silicon: highly efficient import monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon to ensure the good performance of the solar system
Toughened glass: low iron glass with a thickness of 3.2mm (can be made thicker at customers request) , which ensures the rate of sunlight letting-in above 92%. High reflecting rate of infrared ray(above 1200 nm) and can endure the ultraviolet radiation.
EVA layer: the EVA layer, which is capable of preventing ultraviolet radiation and oxidation, airproofs the solar battery and affixes the glass and FPF layer.
FPF: the white Fluorine-Plastic Film (FPF) on the back of the solar panel can reflect the sunlight. Therefore it reduces the temperature for the system and helps improve the system efficiency.
Aluminum Alloy Frame: high rigidity
Others: water-proof

Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic cell. They are made of two layers of silicon, which is a semi-conductor. By modifying the silicon used in solar cells the electrons can be unlocked. When light hits the solar cell it causes the electrons to move, creating an electric current. Solar panel ranks most important in the solar system. The transformation of the silicon dominates the life spam of the solar panel and the quality. Warsony solar system, which adopts imported silicon, is designed to meet users need. Square, rectangle and round shapes are available in Warsony.