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Dear sir,

How are you, my company is a profession development, produce, process and sell for the integral whole of solar panel factory house, adopt high-quality import battery chip with original material(EVA/TPT/glass) , convert an efficiency to attain 15--18%, main product is single/multi-crystalline silicon solar cell module. There is the solar cell module of the 0.1 Wp--180Wp different specification, also can design the battery module of different specification according to the customer's need. Product function stability, quality credibility, the conversion's efficiency is high, usage time long.
Give the reference solar panel parameter and offer now:

Solar panel

(specification and parameter)

Vm Im Dimension Price FOB China

1. 9V 143mA 110W110mm

2. 9V 200mA 135W150mm

3. 9V 160mA 110W110mm

4. 2.9V 200mA 95W56mm

5. 3.9V 80mA 60W60mm

6. 5.8V 35mA 68W34mm

7. 1.5V 80mA 54W27mm

8. 1V 75mA 54W18mm

9. 5V 200mA 117.5W91.5mm

10. 4V 80mA 30W100mm

11. 4.00V/100mA 60W60mm

13. 2.00V/60mA 30W60mm

14. 5.5V/55mA 117W27mm

15. 2.5V/80mA 66W29mm

16. 2.50V/40mA 55W55mm

17. 2.00V/40mA 49W59mm

18. 2.00V/80mA 60W60mm

19. 2.45V/80mA 54W42mm

20. 2.45V/50mA 50W33mm

21. 2.00V/60mA 60W60mm

Test condition:AM1.5, 1000W/m?, 25C0
In addition to above specification outside, we can also request according to you of the solar panel specification "tailor".