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Haibeier portable solar power system is an excellent multi-purpose power system, the embodiment of new safety green energy, designed reasonably, with small capacity, flexible solar panel, high power, high conversion efficiency and multiform power supply.
The portable solar system consists of monocrystal silicon solar module, battery, controller, cabinet and also a series of accessories such as adaptor, universal tieline, cigar lighter plug and fuse. It has AC 220v/110v, DC 12v and 0~11v continuously adjustable voltage-output. When the sunlight is strong, open the lid of solar power system, the flexible solar panel will absorb solar energy, changes it into power and stores it in battery. When needed, the electric appliances will get power from battery by the port of controller.
It can be charged by not only solar cell, but also AC, electric generator (cigar lighter cut-in) , and at the same time, it has malfunction alarm, LED display, voltage-current digital display and other safety protection function, which makes it a moving power system providing stable and safety power for power-using equipments.

Technical data
NO. Description Specification
40W 25W 12W
1 Box Size (mm) 570 x 355 x 265 416 x 316 x 180 315 x 250 x 175
Size With Trolley 640 x 360 x 300 500 x 320 x 230 ------
2 Cabinet material A-alloy A-alloy A-alloy
3 Solar Panel (20wp/17v) x 2 (12.5wp/17v) x 2 (6wp/17v) x 2
4 Weight 35KG 20KG 13KG
5 Battery 12v/24AH(2H) x 2 12v/10AH(2H) x 2 12v/10AH(2H) X 1
6 High Quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter 220V/110V/300W 220V/110V/150W 220V/110V/150W
7 Max. AC Output 300W 150W 150W
8 Max. DC Output 240W 120W 60W
9 Adjustable DC 0-11V/5A 0-11V/5A 0-11V/3A
10 Accessories
Adaptor AC220V/110V, DC13.8V/5A AC220V/110V, DC13.8V/5A AC220V/110V, DC13.8V/5A
Cigar Lighter Plug 20A/1.5M 10A/1.5M 10A/1.5M
Universal Tieline 20A/1.5M 10A/1.5M 10A/1.5M
Fuse 20A 10A 5A
11 High voltage Shut-down Point 15v 15v 15v
12 Low voltage Shut-down Point 10.5v 10.5v 10.5v
13 Normal Discharge Current 16A --- ---
14 Max. Discharge Current 20A 10A 10A