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We export Monocrystalline silicon solar module as well as multi-silicon photovoltaic module which are widely being used nowadays for power station, street light, home electric supply and all the solar engergy products etc. Please contact us for further information of our products.

Mono-crystalline silicon
Maximum Power (Watt) :150W/160W/165W
Production Tolerance:15%
Maximum Power voltage(V) : 35.25/35.25/35.25
Maximum Power current(A) : 4.26/4.54/4.68
Open circuit voltage( V) : 43.5/43.5/43.5
Short circuit current( A) : 4.6/4.94/5.06
size of modul (wide and high) : 825mmx1574mm/825mmx1574mm/825mmx1574mm
frame (typ, material and thigness) :Anodised Alu. alloy frame, 40mm thiness
number of cells:72/72/72
size of cells (wide and high) :125*125mm/ 125*125mm/125*125mm
Weight per piece ( Kg) :16/16/16
type of junction box: PV junction box
cable type and length:PV cable, 1m
connector typ: Plug and socket
maximum system voltage:1000V
temperature coefficient of Isc: +0.05%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of Voc: -0.34%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of power:-0.5%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of Im: +0.05%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of Vm: -0.34%/degree centigrate
NOCT (Nominal operating cell temperature) : 47degree centigrate(+2degree centigrate)
Insulation >=100MOhm
Voltage Standoff: AC2000V, DC3000V
Wind Bearing: 60m/s(200kg/sq. m)
Impact Resistance Hail Impact Test: 227g steel ball fall down from 1m height
ENCAPSULATED WITH Toughened Glass: AFG in USA or PILKINGTON in Australia
Quality guarantee: 2 years product warranty and 20 years -20% of power
Certification: Passed IEC61215