Sell solar road stud (RH-4200)

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1. Model No: RH-4200
2. Material: Aluminum alloy and Polycarbonate
3. Power: Solar Cell
4. Power Storage: Battery or Capacitor
(Capacitor: The latest technology in power storage, have life expectancy of 100,000 circles)
5. X;8mm LED 2 X 2PCS
6. Color: Available with Amber, Blue, Green, Red or White
7. Light Mode: Constant / Flash
8. View distance: more than 800m
9. Automatically starts to work when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather
10. With a complete charged, the light can continue flash 120 hourse.
For constant light model will continue bright for 84 hourse.
11. Waterproof Rating: IP68
12. Life time(with capacitor) : more than 10 years
Life time(with battery) : more than 3 years
13. Warranty period: 1 year
14. Compression Resistance: >30Tons
15. Heat Resistance:- 400C to +700C
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