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Solar Street Light
The ESD-SL series street lights are a solar powered lighting system to provide all roadways with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective street lighting alternative. Many different types of lights are available. These include limitless light, high-pressure sodium, low-pressure sodium and LED. Entire pole-mounted system is designed to withstand 90 MPH wind loads. These lights combine the latest technology available to provide years of reliable, low maintenance operation.
All roadways
Schools and college campuses
Military bases
Industrial parks
Remote Roadways
100% solar powered
No wiring
Fast and easy installation
No utility bill, save money and energy
No buried or overhead cables
Low maintenance
Controller has an adjustable timer and low voltage disconnect
Intelligent Control for automatically Switching On/Off
Environmentally friendly
Solar Panel: Monocrystallian/Polycrystllian (50Wp-200Wp)
Battery: Lead-acid Battery (12V55Ah  200 Ah) /Gel Battery
Controller: Intelligent Controller (single or duel routes output)
Principle Lamp: LED/Limitless lamp/Energy saving lamp
/High-pressure sodium / Low-pressure sodium
Supplementary Lump: LED or customized
Pole: Metal
Height: 5m  12 m (or customized)
Work Time: work well after 2-3 overcast days Principle Lamp: 6-8 Hours
Supplementary Lamp: All Night Long
Operation Temperature Range: -25oC  65oC
1 year system warranty
15 years solar panel warranty
2 years battery warranty
5 years controller warranty
5 years light source warranty