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we have two types of solar street lights , which are the hybrid model of wind and solar street lights and solar street lights . all of solar street light are in possession of beautiful and unique appearance design , the power they use are solar power and wind power . solar street light can work for 3 days in condition of the sun not showing up . these products mainly utilize solar battery to save power and make the system operate . the hybrid of solar and wind street lights can work 5 days when the sun not come out . product utilize wind power and solar power , if only the wind speed can star up the wind powered generator , the system can provide the power the system need . the most important feature of the solar street lights is the controller of the system , which has an unique design call MPPT which is a machine of automatic maximum power point tracker , this equipment can automatically control the power of the system , make sure the power wont be over-discharging or over-charging , and promise the suitable energy in store . green product , the best choice for the morden world . more energy-saving , more environment-friendly .
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