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We specializes in manufacturing solar systems 10W to 50KW.

Photovoltaic Power station: Independent photovoltaic power system& connect-to-grid photovoltaic power system.

The stand-alone photovoltaic system includes:
A. Solar panel: change the sunshine into electricity, and supply the electricity to loads (or electrical appliance)

B. Intelligent Control system: Ensure no over-charge or over-discharge result from the storage battery system. Imported components are employed to produce the system with stable performance. According to change of ambient illumination, self-defined control illumination time segments can be achieved to realize diversified control models. (Such as:  Light control startup+light control shutdown,  light control startup+time control shutdown,  time control startup+time control shutdown, and time control startup+light control shutdown)

C. The Lead Acid Storage battery free maintenance: Store the excess electricity at sunny day and provide the electricity to loads (or electrical appliance) . Its free from maintenance, without requiring liquid replenishment, without dissociative electrolyte, and can be placed everywhere; with small resistance and small discharge rate, the product has good performance in deep discharge recovery, applicable wide range of temperature, and with long lifetime.

D. Invert: It's used to invert DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) . If the solar panel provides the loads of large power, the invert is used.

The connect-to-grid photovoltaic power system includes: Solar panel and Intelligent Charge Controller.
Supply Capacity
500KW per month
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25 days
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