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As the worlds growing energy crisis, the development and utilization of various types of new energy are gaining more and more attention by all countries in the world. The solar photovoltaic (PV) with its features of wide distribution, abundant and unlimited energy, and advantages of stable supply, no noise, pollution-free, easy and flexible installation, get much favor by the market and develop rapidly.

With technical maturity and the popularization of the application, solar photovoltaic components are developing gradually from large-scale centralized power generation to the family household systems. However, the general appearance of photovoltaic components is incompatible with the buildings, also need to occupy space, thus affects the the application in the households system.

Fangxing solar tile came into being, which is ingenious combination of photovoltaic components and flat-panel tile and the integration of color and appearance, further organictly integrates into the overall style of the building.

At the same time with making full use of sloping roof for power generation, it gives building the beauty of modern technology and achieves a unity of both function and aesthetic.

System is designed according to the specific situation. Fangxing solar tile, in series or parallel, achieve the required system voltage, and set with controller, inverter and battery, form a complete independent household system or network systems, provide continuable electricity in decades