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Item No. : CN
Product Name: Solar Energy torch flashlight
Encasement Size: 24X5.75X3.85(CM)
Weight: 343 g (including battery)
Encasement Number: 80 (But)
Product Content :
Product description: the newly researched high quality aluminum alloy solar energy torch . Solar board: monocrystalline. Accumulator: nickel-chrome battery. Bulb: super-bright LED bulb. lashlight Cylinder: aluminum alloy. Plating: anodizing. Battery cover board of solar energy: PC. Diameter: 5.75CM. Length: 24CM. Lighting duration: 8 hours. Brightness: 17 lumen. Weight: 343 g (including battery) . Temperature range: -400-+600. Visibility: 2km. Effective lighting distance: 50 meters. 6 white super-bright LED bulbs of glimmering fluorescence are provided. Lifespan of bulb is 100,000 hours. (Imitation of the patent product will be sought) . flashlight