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1. All Glass Vacuated Tube
All glass evacuated tubes are the key component of solar collectors. The evacuated tube is similar to a conventional Dewar flask and consists of two borosilicate glass tubes, a glass with high chemical and thermal shock resistance. The outer side of the inner tube is coated with a sputtered solar selective surface. This coated inner tube is closed at one end and sealed at the other end to the outer tube. The annular space between the outer tube and inner tube is evacuated to virtually eliminate heat loss by conduction and convection.

We use the tubes which use the successfully developed innovative Advanced Solar Selective Coatings in commercial scale, which achieve the highest thermal efficiency and good thermal stability. Solar selective coatings absorb most solar radiation while simultaneously suppressing the thermal emittance loss from coating surfaces. They vary mainly in their optical property and thermal stability.
Excellent results have been obtained by using DC magnetron sputtering technology. A solar absorbance of 0.94 - 0.96 with an emittance of 0.04 - 0.06 at 100 centigrade has been achieved

Models #47W150 #58W180
Weight 1.3510.12kg 2.2910.18kg
Structure All glass coaxial double-layer tubes All glass coaxial double-layer tubes
Outer tube diameter #4710.7mm #5810.7mm
Inner tube diameter #3710.7mm #4710.7mm
Outer Tube thickness 1.610.15mm 1.810.15mm
Inner tube thickness 1.610.15mm 1.610.15mm
Tubes length 154214mm 181214mm
Material of coating AlN/AIN-SS/Cu AlN/AIN-SS/CU
Absorptance 0.94~0.96 0.94~0.96
Emittance 0.04~0.06 0.04~0.06
Vacuum P<=5W10-3pa P<=5W10-3pa
Transmittance of Outer Tube 0.91 0.91
Stagnation temperature (height) 270~3000 270~3000
Heat-loss coefficient <=0.6w/ m2*0) <=0.6 w/ (m2*0)
Bearing hailstone ability hailstone diameter#25mm hailstone diameter#25mm
Pressure-endure ability 1MPa 1MPa

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Out tube length: ranging from 300 to 2100 mm
Inner tube diameter: ranging from 37 to 47 mm
Outer tube diameter: ranging from 47 to 58 mm