Sell solar water heater

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The split solar water heating system is such a system that separates the heat collector from the water tank, and transfers the solar energy collected by the heat collector to the water tank for the hot water through the natural or forced cycle of medium. Himin family split solar water heating system has such merits as large water storage, good heat-collecting effect, long insulation work time, intelligent operation, load-bearing running, and convenient and reliable use. So it is the ideal selection for home hot water scheme.

The characteristics:
1. Special design for luxury villa
Presenting unique charm & spirit of successful person, as well as experiencing worshipful life
2. Pressure hot water, comfort bathing
It applies pressure bearing design, & in case of switch-on, it shall have pressure hot water immediately with strong water outgoing, large water quantity & flow.
3. Collector part module for freely assembly
Modulus collector component constituted by high temperature special effect pipe, & can be freely assembled as per requirements.
4. Intelligent control with complete function
Control system of integration & intelligentization: convenient & quick;
Indicating pressure & multi point water temperature.
5. Diversification of installation position, perfect combination with building
Heat collector shall be suitable for multi building style with diversification of installation position.
6. Separate type installation; simple & convenient.
Heat collector shall be separated with water storage tank, & water tank position shall have no limit. Standard modularization for fast assembly: easy & quick.
7. Use with cooperation of auxiliary energy resource
Auxiliary energy resource interface shall be reserved so as to achieve full day hot water supply with combination of electric energy, fuel oil & gas boiler.