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Installation instruction:

Heat-collector installation

1. Join the brackets and fix them tightly.
2. Fix the heat-collector on the bracket.
3. Set the stainless-steel pipe into the corresponding nozzle and the inner rubber band with the outer rubber band. Turn the half of the outer wire of the stainless steel pipe into the half of the inner wire of the heat-collector, in order to avoid leaking. Then, insert the vacuum pipe. After the fixing of all the stainless steel pipes and the vacuum pipes, the pipe entrust should be fixed on the bracket tightly.
4. Join the heat-collecting block, the pipeline that is to the water tank and the controller together.

System feature:

1. Heat-collector and the water tank designed as pressure enduring  type. It can be connected with the tap water directly, supplying the water automatically. Appliance (home use) water tank may choose suitable standard water-heater or electrical water-heater directly. At the meanwhile, for the house, which has the electrical water-heater already, only the heat-collector is to join for use.
2. Integration of light and electricity transfers automatically. Both of the appliance and the project system can outfit the automatic controlling. In case that the sun light cannot guarantee the need of the water temperature, it also uses the electrical-heating system (or use gas or oil system) which supplies with heat automatically, keeping fill hot water all days.
3. The heat-controlling piece chooses the medium to heat, or insert into the water tank directly, making use of the water circulation. The heating efficiency is double than the medium method. For example, putting one 1.5*1.5m vacuum pipe heat-collector under the normal sun light for about 2 hours, the water temperature can be reach the boiling point.
4. According the bulk of the water-heater, the methods of installation of single or multi pieces in series can be adopted, in order to get the better effect of using the water t
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