Sell solar water heater

solar water heater
Control system is the heart of parted solar water heater. Main technical function:
1.Full auto-control water function.
2.Constant temperature, timing electric heater(Power 1.5-4.5KW)
3.Setting temperature(300-900 ) , setting water level (50%-100%)
4.Manual water, supply water of control temperature, auto-water after 15 minutes without water, auto-stop after full.
5.Prevent frostbite circulation (Forcing circulation when water temperature of the heat collector below 2 0)
6.Manual circulation ( the time of circumfluence could been set 5-99 sec. ) Once open, hot water coming.
7.Supply hot water by manual pressure, manual close pressure or auto-close pressure function after 30 minutes.
8.Avoiding without water heater function (supply water level to 50% firstly , then auto-startup electric heater when water level below 50%)