Sell solar water heater

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Kangyang Super-conductive series solar water heaters are design for high buildings. They are close loop and active . Figure above is a project that is designed and applied with Kangyang Super-conductive series solar water heaters in China. Total area is more than 1500 sq. meter. Some collectors are installed on the building roof, others are mounted to the wall. Hot water is deliveried to every flat room through seperate pipeline.

Strong points
1. High Conversion Ratio for whole system:
Above 50%, by far higher than the national standard (45%)
2. Thicker thermo-insulation foam layer
3. Close loop and active
4. Super-conductive, 1,000 times faster than copper pipe, and the you can say byebye to leakage.
5. Intelligent Operating

1) Inner tank: SUS3042B Food Grade Stainless Steel;
2) Outer shell: Galvanized aluminum steel plate;
3) Heat insulation layer: 50-60 mm polyurethane integral foaming;
4) Bracket: Aluminum Alloy, bolted with stainless steel bolts;
5) solar collector: Super Conducting Heat Pipe (It is a perfect combination of vacuum tube and our patented super conductive heat pipe. It is high efficient super conducting heat pipe, its heat transfer efficiency>95%. It make heat transfer quickly,1000 times as that of copper, no water going into the tube and no incrustation. )
6) Packaging: The sample is packed by plywood box. If the buyer just order one or two samples, the fee of package will be accounted additionally. The products of the whole container are packed by carton boxes (seven pieces) , and the package fee is free.