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1. Inner tank: Stainless steel SUS304 2B-0.5mm
2. Outer tank: Painted steel-0.5mm/Aluminum-zinc coated steel-0.5mm.
3. Vacuum tube: Cu-S/S-N/AL coating, 58/1800,
4. Bracket: Galvanized steel-1.5mm thick. Three types apply to Slope, Ridge and Flat housetops.
5. Insulation layer: Polyurethane 50mm, 55mm.
6. Certificate: ISO9001, 2000, CE
Non-pressurized compact solar water heater consists of thermosiphon vacuum tubes, storage tank, bracket, pipeline and auxiliary parts. Its storage tank and vacuum tubes are installed as one unit, and all glass evacuated tubes are inserted into the storage tank. This system can be installed on the roof in many methods; the pipes can be arranged in the preset groove. It can be easily used to save the electricity power, oil, gas in a big extent. You can use it for shower/bathing, washing, laundry in single family, farming camping area, sports areas, swimming areas and holiday residences.

The cold water in /out and the electrical heat booster operation is controlled manually. When you open the tap, the cold water will be pushed in the storage tank by tap pressure, and shut off the tap when the cold water flows down from the overflow pipe, which means the cold water reaches the maximum capacity of the storage tank.
After several hours exposure in the sun light, the water has been heated, please open the mixing valve, the hot water will flows down and mixes with the cold water for use. . If the temperature is lower than you expected, please turn on the heat booster.
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