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Qingdao Hengfeng Wind Power Generator technical data
Product Description
Qingdao Hengfeng Wind Power Generator Co. , Ltd is a professional manufacturer of wind power generator from 150W to 30KW.
Main technical data as follows:
1. Machine Type: horizontal-axis wind turbine
2. blade form: propeller
3. blade number: 3 pieces
4. balde material: glass fibre reinforced plastic
5. type of generator:permanent-magnet 3 phase AC
6. type of tower: guy wire or free standing

Power: 20KW
Blade diameter (m) : 12.0
Rated Rotated speed(r/min) : 160
Rated speed (m/s) : 12
Rated power: 20KW
Max power: 30KW
Output voltage (v) : 380
Start up wind speed (m/s) : 3
Work speed (m/s) : 3-30
High of tower (m) : 18
Top quality except tower: 750kg
Tower Steel tube model (mm) :#325
speed regulation: leaning tail + electric brake
Capacity and quantity of battery: 12V200AH30 pieces
Life span:20-25 years;
Warranty:1 year
Can supply power for: Small villages, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Water pumps, Cookers, Color television sets, Washing machines, Lighting, Electric fans, and Charge
Supply Capacity
Power Requirements