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Uvalam solid surface adhesive is a two component, reactive, high-strength adhesive, offering a unique combination of strength and where color matching is required. This cure system forms hard, clear bonds to solid surface materials and composites solid surface.

The hardness of the cured material allows for sanding within an hour without loading. Curing
time from 20 minutes to 30 minutes at 230 after thorough mixing.

Uvalam solid surface adhesive is recommended for bonding acrylic solid surface and UPR solid surface, also can be used in bonding granite, marble, quartz stone, engineered stone, FRP and so on.

Adhesive Properties and Characteristics:

Color: Ordered according to clients need;
A and B ratio: A:B=10:1
Component-A Viscosity: 18000-22000 CPS/220;
Component-B Viscosity: 4000-12000 CPS/220;
Gravity/Density: 1.08 to1.12;
Working time: 15-20 minutes;
Curing Time: 25-35 minutes;
Fix time: 2 hours.

Packing: Cartridge 50ml/200ml/235ml.

Storage Condition:
Place adhesive in cool and dry places, to avoid direct sunshine.

Shelf life:
At least 12 months in tightly sealed container.
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