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Product Name: Sorbitol
Place of Origin: China
Sorbitol is a new kind of sweetener made from purified glucose as material via hydrogenation refining, concentrating. When it enters into human body, it spreads slowly and then oxidizes to fructose, and takes part in fructose metabolization. It doesn't affect blood sugar and uric sugar. Hence, it can be used as sweetener for diabetics. With high-moisture-stabilizing, acid-resistance and non-ferment nature, it can be used as sweetener and moisturizer. The sweet intensity contained in sorbitol is lower than that in source, and it can be utilized by some bacteria. It can be widely used in many industries such as food, leather, cosmetic, paper making, textile, plastic, toothpaste and rubber. We can manufacture products based on the demands of customers.
1) Appearance: white crystalline granule or powder
2) Assay: 99.0% min.
3) D-sorbitol: 98.0% min.
4) Reducing sugars: 0.1% max.
5) Total sugars: 0.3% max.
6) Ph (50% aq. soll. ) : 5.0-7.0
7) Solubility at 25'C: 235gp100ml water
8) Granule size (at your option) : 10-20 or 20-60 mesh
9) Residue on ignition: 0.1% max.
10) Heavy metals: 5ppm max.
11) Nickel: 1ppm max.
12) Lead: 1ppm max.
13) Arsenic: 1ppm max.
14) Chloride: 50ppm max.
15) Sulphate: 50ppm max.
16) Total bacterium: 100pg max.
17) Colon bacillus: absent in 1g
18) The product meets the requirements of: USP24, BP98, FCC IV
Packing: 25kg/net kraft paper bag with PE inner bag,20mts/20'FCL
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20 days
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