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Your sourcing, buying, procurement partner in China

At bizVision China, we provide sourcing expertise for overseas companies seeking long-term qualified suppliers in China. We help our customers achieve a competitive advantage by working directly with Chinese suppliers without utilizing a trading company or other intermediary.

We help to locate suppliers and offer evaluation, as well as assistance with RFQ process, order negotiation, production investigation, delivery arrangement and other services in order to provide a total sourcing solution. Most important of all, we help to close the business and communication gap between Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers. Communicating effectively with Chinese manufacturers requires more than technical specifications and assessment of quality; we can help to develop your business by establishing sound relationships and helping you to understand the local business culture.

Our clients choose us as a long-term sourcing partner or to serve as their procurement office in China because we help them to minimize the business risks and costs, while enabling them to maximize the sourcing opportunities offered by manufacturers in China.

biz Sourcing - service list
1. Supplier Research
search for possible manufacturers for target goods, set up supplier profiles, and proceed with the qualification process.
2. Request For Quotation
Get RFQ from our client, and send for quotation collection.
3. Site Visiting
Arrange visits for potential manufacturers.
4. Sample Acquisition
Have manufacturers prepare samples and arrange shipment.
5. Commercial Negotiations
Finalizing the FOB/CIF pricing, payment terms and/or distribution agreement.
6. Order Followup
Arrange order placement, payment to manufacturers and delivery schedules.
7. Quality Control
Onsite production investigation and/or production process follow-up.
8. Logistics Arrangement
Shipment and exporting process support.
9. Analysis report