Sell sowing machine , seeder

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This product has abandoned the traditional means of bending down , pitting , imbedding seeds and earthing , puts seeds in to the soil at one time, depth and quantity could be adjusted at will , time may be saved by 80%, labor intensity may be reduced by over 80%. The whole seeding action may be performed by an easy pressing .
Disadvantages of the traditional the type of the sowing machine:
1) High labor intensity, low efficiency, and more time consumption
2) Sever harm to mulching film, lowering the function of mulching film in humidity and heat insulation
3) In digging, it tends to cut off crops, leaves of crops and damage the root system.
4) Fertilizer and water are easy to be decomposed, filtered throungh the earth's surface and basorbed by weed, which are sults in low rate of fertilizer utilization
5) Good and bad crops are intermingled together, which can not achieve high and excellent yield.
6) The chemical fertilizer is left over the soil surface which results soil hardening and lowering sold fertilizer.