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If said the protein is the component of the muscle body, the peptide is then the component of protein. It is the direct participant of the physiology activity. Little numerator soy oligopeptides do not need to be digested by the intestines and stomach, and absorbed by the small intestines directly. Its absorption speed is quicker than protein and amino acids. And it functions in cell and participate in synthesize with various physiology activity inside the body and protein.
Soy oligopeptides, which is researched and developed by Zhongshiduqing(Shandong) Bio-tech Co. , Ltd and China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries , is the most upscale function albumen additive, with most superior quality, the most high-tech content and the market foreground in the nutrition food industry nowadays. It can be applied in the health food, nutritious food and baking food, athlete food and so on. And extensively produce the nutrition preparation for health food of new series of peptides .
The soy oligopeptides can be absorbed easily , so it can be used to intestinal canal nutrient and the patient on stage of recovery as flow pattern food, and the old men of digestive function decline and the infant of digestive function immaturity. Soy oligopeptides can be widely used to protein drink, wine, make-up products and medicine etc. Soy oligopeptides will be become the superior protein nurture.
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