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We are on the position of supplying soya beans protein of China origin with good quality and competitive price. The products include Isolated soy protein, Textured vegetable protein.

Isolated soy protein is a soy protein extracted from the finest NON-GMO soy flakes raw material . It is mainly used in food industry including meat, poultry and fish processing industry. The product can increase protein content and get much better mouth feeling
Isolated soy protein provides strong gel strength through water binding.
The product is also an excellent emulsifying agent, it will give you a homogenous heat stable emulsion and reduce cooking loss, prevent fat loss and improve the structure of final products in a cost effective way.

Textured vegetable protein is produced from defatted soy flour, soy flakes or soy concentrates by an extrusion process. This extrusion technology can form a fibrous structure which is almost similar to that of meat. It can replace, completely or partly, ground beef in most recipes.
Available in flakes, small chunks or granules, textured soy protein maintain the texture of foods. Textured soy protein must be hydrated, and are recommended for use in ground meats. They give a "meaty" mouth-feel and provide a firm texture that remains stable through cooking, freezing and thawing . It is wildly used in stuffing , such as hamburger , meat patty , boiled dumpling, meat pie, meat ball , pizza and so on

If you have any interest of the above products, please send us your inquiry with quantity needed, delivery port, spec. request, etc, so that we can quote you our prices accordingly.

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