Sell soybean protein fiber blanket

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Dear sirs
We are selling soybean protein fiber blanket , you can note the pictures in the email attanchment.
The product shown to face you is the first piece of product for soybean protein hair in China and the world, taking the soybean meal as material, it was made from botanic globulose. There are many kind of amino acids and soybean isoflavones in it. It can be degraded in the nature and has many excellent capabilities and the health protection functions.
Four Wearing Functions
1. Natural color without dye, preserving many kind of natrient components of amino acids, nature and environmental protection.
2. Affinity for skin, The protein hair has special fine, smooth feeling, and soften and moisten skin.
3. Natural Fragrance, special luster of protein hair.
4. Quick moisture transmission and permeability, wearing is comfortable.
Four Health-Protection Functions
1. Anti-bacterial Function: Restraining epiphyte, gram negative bacteria and gram positive becteria.
2. Far-infrared Function: Transmitting infrared, bring Thermal efficiency and promoting micro cycle.
3. N. Oxyanion Function: Releasing 5000 N. Oxyanion / cm3, equalizing air concentration of N. Oxyanion in the field.
4. Anti-ultraviolet Function: 97% absorptivity for ultraviolet radiation.
80%soybean protein fiber /20%polyester, original silk colour
specification(size) : 1.5x2.1 (meter) weight:3.2kg
1.8x2.3 (meter ) weight:4.2kg
we can receive order against costomers size requirements.
If you are interested our new products of soybean protein blanket, please feel free to contact with us, and thank in advance again.
Best rgards
Tao zhaodong