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Spandex is linear block copolymer, and its molecular structure contains two chain segments, one is soft chain segment which gives elasticity to fiber, the other is hard chain segment which gives molecular interaction force to fiber and ensures a certain level of strength of fiber. Unique molecular structure gives spandex super stretch and comeback capability. Spandex fiber can be stretched to 5-8 times of its length and recovery percentage is high as 98%. Its elasticity is better than any type of fiber in the world. Besides, spandex fiber is thin, high strength, low specific gravity, good chromaticity and color fastness. Spandex is a great new-type textile material.

Spandex Yarn (AA Grade)
Specification: 20D, 30D, 40D, 70D, 105D, 140D, 210D
Colour: Raw white, dyed

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