Sell spectacle lens  and CR-39 lens

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we can supply spectacle lens as follows:

CR-39 Lens, clear and Tinted.
Dia: 55/60/65/70mm
1.56 Organic, HC, HMC+EMI
1.61 Organic HC, HMC+EMI
CR-39 Flat top 70/28mm
CR-39 Blend top 70/28, 70/24mm
CR-39 Round top 70/28, 7/24mm
CR-39 Progressive 75mm regular
CR-39 Progressive 75mm short
All above have semi-finished

Mineral 1.523 lens Dia: 55/60/65/70mm
Mineral 1.523 Flat top 65/28mm, finished and semi-finished
Mineral 1.523 Round top 65/28mm, finished and semi-finished

CR-39 polarized lens
Dia:70mm, base 6, CT:2.2mm
Mineral polarized lens,
Dia:65mm, base 6/8, CT:2.0mm
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