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Speed400 boat,4.01mtx7.1mt, center console boat or dingle stype, bigger or small bow seat, single driver seat or double driver seat.
stern seat, rails, rubber capping.
steering system, electrical fitout optional.

A motorboat is a vessel propelled by an
internal combustion engine driving a jet pump
or a propeller. The International Regulations
for Preventing Collisions at Sea defines a
"power driven vessel" as any vessel propelled
by machinery and even a sailboat while it has
an engine running (i. e. under power) is
technically a power driven vessel. A speedboat
is a small motorboat designed to move quickly,
used in races, for pulling water skiers, as
patrol boats, and as fast-moving armed attack
vessels by the military. Even inflatable boats
with a motor attached which may be serving as a
high speed patrol boat or as a plodding
pedestrian dinghy providing transport to and
from a mooring buoy are motorboats.
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